17 Days O’ Death

31 01 2008

I’ve been a little slack on the old blog this week, primarily because the real world has been pretty busy as of late. And in case you were curious as to what could possibly occupy my time to the point that I’m going to barely hit my New Years Resolution Goal this week, here it is – in convenient punch list form.

– We kicked of our Spring semester of Young Life this past Tuesday… and it was awesome. Northwestern Young Life has bouced back like a champ this year, and its been a privilege to be a part of it. We’re also are having a few waves roll through our volunteer leadership. Nothing permanent, but plenty tough. We’ll make it through and we’ll better for it. Plus I think the majority of the storms have passed, and God is still and always good.

– We’re getting psyched slash prepared to have ex-Mob Boss Michael Franzese come speak at Elevation this coming Sunday. He’s got an incredible story, and at one point, had an incredible moustache.

Side note: My roommate Josh still stands by the fact that it should be a sin to design and brand a whole series based on the mafia, without actually having seen the Godfather. According to Lois, its the perfect movie.

– Elevation’s two-year anniversary is February 10th and we’re pulling out all the stops – backstage passes, commerative DVDs, baptisms, concert/CD recording… and some thing called a hazer. I’m not sure what that is. I think its that electrocutor cops use on unruly citizens… but I could be convinced otherwise.

– The week after that, we’re rolling right into My Generation, a huge series about impacting your generation, no matter your stage in life. It’s gonna be great. That same week, the whole staff is taking off to Texas for the C3 Conference… and yes, I’m well aware that I’m knocking out those New Years Resolutions like Cassius Clay. Down goes Frazier.

But in order for all this to go down, the CS4 has got to make it through what Larry has affectionately deemed the “17 Days O’ Death” – today, was Day 15. And so far, we’re doing pretty good – but we have a long way to go. And it helps when you get to recharge with a hot lady and Bleu Cheese Burger from Red Robin. Oh man, oh man… Tasty.




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25 08 2008
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