A Free-For-All with a Catchy Beat

22 01 2008

It’s been a while since we’ve had a good Free-For-All, and even though John says he’d read my blog more if my posts weren’t so long, I’m stubborn and he’s lazy so the penalties offset. I now present the first Free-For-All of ’08 – complete with a little song and dance number.

Three Steps from Me to the Boss:

A little over a year ago, my friend JT (who is marrying one of my best friends, Julie, in April), put together this wicked music video for My Body is a Cage, the last track on The Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible masterpiece. Almost instantly, it blew up on YouTube, and eventually received kudos from some high places (Stereogum, Yahoo, etc.), including making Pitchfork’s Top 50 Music Videos of 2007. Fast forward to the November issue of SPIN. The cover story talks of a much-anticipated meeting between Bruce Springsteen and Win Butler of the Arcade Fire – a meeting of past legends and future visionaries (ok, that may be a little over dramatic, but my opinion of both these guys is seen though rose-colored blinders…). And what is the first thing The Boss talks to Butler about? And I quote: “..when [Bruce] greets Butler and Chassagne after soundcheck, the first thing he mentions is the fan-made YouTube clip for their song “My Body Is a Cage,” set to scenes from Once Upon a Time in the West.” So, there you have it: Me > JT > Arcade Fire > The Boss – we might as well be sending each other Christmas Cards. And while you stew in your jealousy, watch the video – it seriously is incredible and moving every time I watch it. Great job JT.

Most Likely to Be a Highly Desired, But Infrequently Posted, Music Blog:
Larry Brey is the Leadership Development Pastor at Elevation Church – and he has many outstanding qualities. You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone more encouraging, out-going and genuinely excited about their job than him. With all that said though, he does not have what many would consider to be an “active finger of the pulse of pop culture” (go ahead, ask him about that tweed Promise Keepers shirt he rocks…). Which is why I wait with such anticipation for every post he makes to Get Lost in Music – a not-so-oftenly (ofently?) posted music review blog inspired by 80’s rock mix tapes and The Black Bond. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect when I asked him to review one of the most well-received albums of ’07 – Feist’s The Reminder – and while I may not agree with his critical voice, his review is both thorough and well-written. Let’s just hope his ear improves as his posts increase. Check it out for yourself here.

The Definitive Answer to Problems Napster Started 10 years Ago:
Sure the RIAA can try to scare you away from your LimeWire and your .torrent sites with their gafillion dollar lawsuits, but why not ask music fans to give back directly to the artists whose music they may have obtained illegally, but still thoroughly enjoy. Cue Dear Rockers – a website with a vision of helping music lovers thank musicians for their work. How does it work? Its simple – 1. Pick and Artist, 2. Write them a letter – of thanks or apology or both, and with it, include $5. Why $5? Well that’s simple too. From their site: “When you buy songs from the iTunes music store, artists make 8 to 14 cents per song, depending on their contract. So $5 represents about three albums worth of income for an artist. We encourage you to support musicians in other ways, like attending their live shows, but five bucks seems like a good place to start.” They’ll even help you find the address. Nobility has no middle man.

Psst. Rumor has it that Larry H will be sending a note of thanks and some pocket change to Fergie. I’m not saying, I’m just saying…

The Current Heavy Rotation:
Here’s some hot jams to get you though the stupidness that is the winter months – they’re the musical equivalent to worn in socks – not new, but warm and comfortable. Enjoy.
– Feist – ‘Sealion (Chromeo Remix)’ – what this song would have sounded like in ’87
– Stars – In Our Bedroom After the War – this came out this summer and it’s just now hitting it’s stride in my playlist. And that’s a shame.
– Bruce Springsteen – ‘Waiting On A Sunny Day’ – Warm American Rock has never been sung more literally than in my car at 7:30 a.m. and 21 degrees.
– Damien Rice – ‘Coconut Skins’ – as sing-a-long as he gets, it’ll help you keep a steady step when you’re walking in the cold.
– Denison Witmer – ‘The 80’s’, ‘Los Angeles’ – practically begs to be the soundtrack of Sunday afternoons under blankets.

And that’s all he wrote. Soundtrack of this Free-For-All available from Time Life.




One response

24 01 2008

Holy crap. That video J.T. was GOOD. And to think I went to high school with that guy!

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