Nearly 1K Fun Run

15 01 2008

Water station? Check. Numbers? Check. Bootleg cap gun? Check. Commemorative Hoodie? Check.  18 mildly to completely out of shape runners (except John, Joel & Meredith)? Check. And the race is on. This past Monday we had our first annual Nearly 1K Fun Run – a creative offspring from the genius that is CS4. And in case you weren’t aware, this blogger has a little running history on his side. Back in high school, I was part of 3 state champion cross country teams (they went on to win 11 straight…) and also a top 5 finisher in the mile my senior year. But that glorious senior year was 7 glorious years ago – and I’m almost positive I have retained little to none of whatever it was that made me a good runner in high school. So how did I do? I’m happy to say I won the silronze (or brilver… I don’t know, whatever the mixed medal would be for the 2nd/3rd place tie Joel and I had…) but it didn’t matter because I was wheezing and cramping up like a champ – did I mention it was only a 1K? Yeah, thats approximately half a mile. I’m pathetically out of shape… but hey, at least I have something to build on. If nothing else, I can count this race as one of my three for 2008 – only if another one I had planned to do falls through because of illness or natural disaster. Its kind of like that Tech school that was your ‘safety college’ in case you didn’t get in to that fancy one out of state. Anyway, here’s a few hot pics from the event.

the logo…

medieval serf caps are the new Under Armour…

the stache…

the starting line…

the sprint…

the winner…

the tie…

the cheaters…

the demise of CS4…

And yes, I am painfully aware of my physical similarities to one Michael Cera in Juno.
Thank you.




2 responses

16 01 2008


Look at them legs bouy!

16 01 2008

You called my pics hot! I can’t remember the last time I felt so accomplished! Can I get a certificate of appreciation from The Sworth?

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