50 Weeks of New Years Resolutions

14 01 2008

I’m official beginning my New Year’s Resolutions for 2008 – two weeks into 2008. Yeah they’re late, but they’re worth it. And with it being 2008, why not do 8?

1. Read at least 12 books… thats one a month – and there are at least 12 books I want to read right now so this shouldn’t be a problem. Shouldn’t is the neon word in this sentence.

Have at least 6 new experiences worth telling about… I usually make some sort of travel-related new year’s resolution every year… and I never go as far as I want with that one, so now I’m not going to limit it to a distance, but rather instead make it qualifiable – is that even a word? I don’t think so.

Run 3 races… I liked this one last year, and I wasted it – so I’m going to try it again. And I don’t want to just run 5Ks – maybe a 10K, maybe a half-marathon – I don’t know… its amazing how ambitious people are in January.

4. Make my bed every day…
again one from last year – and the year before that, for that matter – and its a good one. You should do it too – there is something fufiling and comforting about pulling sheets back to reveal a welcoming bed, rather than having to shake out a wadded up comforter.

5. Be able to show a measurable attempt at growth in knowledge
– wow this one is vague. Is it a class? A seminar? A conference? Spending time with other people who are better at what I do than me? All of the above. Or any combination of the aforementioned… and as I type these resolutions, I’m realizing that they are vague to be more encompassing, but also measurable to keep me accountable. And I don’t even think that was on purpose… how about that.

6. Blog twice a week
– this is self-explanatory, and has been a goal of mine for a while. Now that its a resolution, its now in the major league spotlight of goals. Now I’ve got to do it…

7. Bury the snooze button
– this is a tool of Satan himself. I’ve gotten a lot better about over sleeping, but I’m still a slave to the snooze button. Why is it when you’re 3/4 asleep, those extra 4 minutes seem like the best 4 minutes of sleep you will ever have? I’m pretty sure this is on the same level as a minor heroine addiction. And it’s gotta end, or I’m never gonna get anything done (I also could use a few hours more of sleep at night – but thats a different post altogether…). I really want to spend quality time with Jesus in the morning, so if that is going to happen consistently, that snooze button is going down.

8. Chase Lions… this one is cheesy, but it may have found a permanent spot on my new year’s resolution lists for years to come. Its simple but motivational as all get out. It makes me want to tackle the world and flee complacency.

So thats it. There is not a lot different from last year, so maybe I forgot something I should add. Let me know if you have any suggestions. I’ll keep you posted on my progress…  Here’s to not sucking it up in ’08 – I’d hate to be here a year from now, trying to figure out why I’m making the same resolutions again since I didn’t finish them the year before.




4 responses

14 01 2008

Happy 2008 😉

14 01 2008

Just let me know how many of these things I should just build into your job description…

20 01 2008

re: #5 here is an idea, send me the money you would spend on the class, seminar, or conference and just read your Bible 1 hour extra per day and throw in a Strong’s concordance… voila… KNOWLEDGE 🙂

Job 34:2&3 Matthew 11:29 Daniel 11:32

31 01 2008
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[…] curious as to what could possibly occupy my time to the point that I’m going to barely hit my New Years Resolution Goal this week, here it is – in convenient punch list […]

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