New Year’s Resolutions ’07: A Report Card

9 01 2008

Back when I played rec league baseball, I remember one of my coaches saying to us, his embattled 11-12 year old athletes after a crushing loss – “Boys, that was some sorry baseball right there. Grab your stuff and head for right field – your momma’s ain’t gonna want to hear what I’m about to say.” That is kind of how I feel about my new year’s resolutions from last year. So while few (if any…) lived up to my pie-in-the-sky sugar plum dreams of success I had for them, I’m going to call them out for what they were – in hopes of learning something before I make my resolutions for ’08 – and yes, in case you were wondering, there is an unspoken 13 day window to establish New Years Resolutions after the New Year has begun. Wiki that crap, its there. So here we go…

7 new years resolutions for 2007
1. take at least 1 new class: I drove by a college a few times, and I attended a few seminars at a church conference. Not exactly what I had in mind from the beginning. I’m giving it minimal credit, and in some circles they wouldn’t count it – kind of like when make a pool shot you didn’t mean to make and try to play it off as your awesome pool shark skills… eat your heart out Paul Newman.
Grade: D

2. run at least 3 5K races: – ha. This may be the most laughable. Nowhere close. I ran some and thought about a few races. I even went on a running website to look for some 5Ks. And then did nothing about it.
Grade: F

3. read at least 5 books: I did read some books. I even got a few books for my birthday. And I had to read a few books for work – but I’m not going to count those, since it was more homework than anything else. Not that I didn’t enjoy them or gain anything from them, its just not what I would have read had it been my choice. So with all that said, I think read 2 books. Maybe 3. And getting close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.
Grade: D+

4. visit at least 7 new places: I went to a few new places – Connecticut, San Francisco, I was in a wedding. I even went to my first NBA and NFL games. But the grand plan I had to go to Nashville and Austin and Chicago – yeah none of that happened. I haven’t traveled much since February, so I started trying to justify “new places” as restaurants or stores. That’s never good, when you try to explain away your failures. Sigh.
Grade: C-

5. make my bed everyday: You wouldn’t think this would be that hard to do. 7 years olds do this regularly – and they probably have more sheets than I do. I don’t even have a big bed – I sleep on a twin bed I’ve had since I was 5. Tuck in your sheets, prop up your pillows. Nope, not this guy. I did this for maybe 3 weeks. And then maybe 10 times the rest of the of year.
Grade: F

6. be more reliable: Now that I’m getting to the ones you can’t measure quantitatively, I think I’ve done alright. I called people back more, I made better to-do lists, I tried to be on time more, I try to finish things on time more. I wasn’t perfect at this, but I did make some progress. There’s your silver lining.
Grade: B

7. chase lions: Quit job. New job. New girlfriend. New rental house. Bought a boat. Thought about buying a house. Made sacrifices. Made new friends. This is just a good rule of thumb to have in life, rather than a one year goal. And I did what I could to make it happen.
Grade: B+

And there it is. A train wreck of resolutions. Good grief. Here’s a toast to getting it right in ’08. And no, I’m not going to lower the bar to make myself feel better. That’s like beating your little sister in basketball. Sure you won, but who did you really beat? No, these will be legit. Now, I just have to figure out what to do…




4 responses

10 01 2008
John Bishop

Well Played Ryan. I can’t believe you said Wiki that crap…for that I challenge you to a tick-tac-attack. Gotta make the tourney!

10 01 2008

hey now, i could totally take you in basketball, well maybe. But regardless i could at least put up a good fight.

13 01 2008

fricken update this poop of a blog, i need to know more about your life. I’m trying to be sexier and funnier you… so please continue to set the bar low and make me look cool đŸ™‚ i’m so gay for you.

13 01 2008

haha… i’m gonna guess those are greetings from ohio.

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