A Recap of the Christmas Break Blog Hiatus

1 01 2008

So like a bunch of people who blog a lot more than me, I took some time off from the blog for the Christmas holidays… Now whats different between this two week hiatus and the 2-3 week unexplained blog breaks I like to take? Plenty. First off all, this one was on purpose. Secondly, I wasn’t too busy to blog – I was too lazy. Our church offices were closed for the week of Christmas so I was able to get some time away from the ol’ MacBook and the blog world. And it was good times. Here are few of the highlights:

– On Dec. 23, our church got together with NewBirth Charlotte to put on a Christmas service like I’ve never seen, let alone had a part in. 5,500 people, plus a couple hundred kids, a gospel choir, a step team, the “guitARMY”, and watching hundreds of hands shoot up making decisions for Jesus. Here are a few hot pics taken by Sean Lyon.

– Ashley and I went to see Asylum. I have no words for how terrible this movie is. Holy crap. The highlights began and ended in the first ten minutes, with some quality air time for Winthrop and seeing my fuzzy face in the background of a bunch on scenes in the beginning. From there, the movie takes the pony express to Suckville. My favorite review came from MetroMix Los Angeles – “No amount of lowered expectations can disguise what a piece of junk it is.”

– Like I said, we got a whole week off from work for Christmas. I slept in until 10 everyday. It was incredible. Babies don’t sleep as good as I did that week.

– I got to spend some great time with the fam, my grandparents and my aunt and uncle. I forget how lucky I am to have the family I do. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I have the greatest family on the planet. Hands down. My dad can beat up your dad and my mom loves me more than yours does. Just learn to deal with it. My sister are also prettier, smarter, cooler and just overall better than any siblings you might have. Too bad for you.

– Ashley gave me, among other things, a treasure chest and a harmonica for Christmas. You’re girlfriend is nowhere close to as cool as her. Sorry to burst your bubble. Again.

– I got Guitar Hero III for the Wii. Crack isn’t this addicting.

– I went and saw a few movies (some my choice, some not) – Juno, Sweeny Todd, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, and AVP:Requiem. Sweeny Todd is straight-up classic Tim Burton and Johnny Depp (1 part Jack Sparrow, 1 part Edward Scissorhands, 1 part broadway) and Juno is just plain feel-good fantastic – smart, funny and full of grace. It jumped quickly into my top 5 movies of the year, taking the same fast track as Little Miss Sunshine last year. Dewey Cox was sadly disappointing and Alien vs. Predator was exactly what you’d expect from the sequel to a marketing ploy to combine two Sci Fi movie franchises already in decline.  Boogers.

– I got to watch Winthrop beat #19 Miami on TV. It’s the highest ranked team ever beat by a Big South team. Winthrop is 2-0 this year vs. the ACC. South Carolina is 0-2. We’re wicked good.

And that’s that. A great few weeks off and now I’m back. Its gonna be a good year…




One response

7 01 2008

We need to have a long hard talk about Juno and the amazingness that it was. Not much makes me teary eyed (besides king kong and harry potter) and that junk was kleenex good. That dang Michael Cera gets me everytime. Can’t handle it. You and the Mrs. need to bring it on down this way for a good ol’ fashioned reunion. I’m just sayin’.

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