Lights, Camera, Asylum

14 12 2007


So last fall, a few people in Hollywood decided that it would be a good idea to film a horror movie on my college campus. I had heard they were looking for a bunch of ‘college student’ extras so me and all the people I work with sent in head shots to see if we could get in. I ended up being the only one who got called back – probably because I’m the only one who looks like a college freshman still – one of the few positives from having the facial hair of a 15 year old. I got most of the week off from work and got to spend a few days on the set being in the background of a bunch of scenes – a lot of fun, some bad extra food and a few brushes with C list celebrities. The movie was directed by the guy who did “Snakes on a Plane” so we figured that’s halfway legit – maybe we’ll make it on the big screen. And thus ended my brush with Hollywood greatness.

Fast forward to this week. After months of not hearing or seeing anything remotely related to the movie (except for a few messageboard posts that said everything from it was going to be released in February after showing at some film festivals to the whole movie was erased from the reels after going through airport security), I got a call from my old roommate who works down at the local paper who told me the movie was going to be released in two weeks – in a handful of southeastern cities. So its not Hollywood and there is no red carpet to roll out, but at least its not going to straight to the WalMart DVD bargain bin – though give it 2 or 3 months, I’m sure it will be there soon… especially since the only movie poster I could find of it was in German and DVD Video already on it. Awesome. Hey, who is that fuzzy guy behind that lazy-eyed Latino chick?




5 responses

14 12 2007

she’s got her eyes closed and dreaming! Forget that guy on the left! Ryan, you’re like that guy in the movie dream sequences right before it comes into focus! Brilliant!

I think i’m going to have to see that movie now.

14 12 2007
Phillip McCart

I spy with my little eye, Ryan H.

17 12 2007

Whoa! I need an autograph ASAP

21 12 2007
Rachel Olshine

being a celebrity must be hard sometimes

15 09 2009

it 2 horrible

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