28 11 2007

so this week I hit 4,000 views all time for my blog. I realize that’s not very many, considering I’ve had this thing for a year and half… and it probably means one of the two things:
a) my mom looks at my blog 7 times a day.
b) bored people click on the links from this guy, this guy, or this guy.

either way, thats my milestone for the week. That and my car rolled over on 121212 miles yesterday. Hardly a silver lining for this and this, but I’m a glass half full kind of guy. Oh, and I’m going to start posting more too (sure, we’ve heard it before Hollingsworth…). That way mom and/or those curious blog clickers will have something new to read more often.  Get ready spaghetti.




4 responses

28 11 2007

Hip Hip HooRyan! Congrats.

28 11 2007

Congratulations homey!!

28 11 2007

P.S. You better be making a trip soon. Lights at the zoo part 2 anybody??

2 01 2008

Well, you’ve got a new reader now. Looking forward to your posts!

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