A Good Sports Weekend Without the Gamecocks

19 11 2007

Note: This a sports related blog entry. This is not for John Bishop.

In a particularly boring sports weekend, including a lopsided Michigan-Ohio State game, two little gems stood out and made my weekend better for it. Those overrated Clemson Tigers and their basketball school schedule were finally shown out by Matt “I want to be Tom Brady” Ryan – closing the door on their ACC title hopes. Now I know my sister’s boyfriend will go on and on saying how far Carolina tumbled this year (to teams who are better than 90% of the ACC I might add…) but we’re not talking about Carolina right now… they didn’t play this weekend. And until the game Saturday, I can gloat a little while longer… Go Cocks!

Moving on to teams who I actually have a blood affiliation to – my beloved Winthrop Eagles were down in the Virgin Islands at the Paradise Jam Tournament, took on a major ACC foe – Georgia Tech – and came out on top. Heck friggin yeah.

I went ahead and tossed it up there in the Top 5 wins of all time for the Eagles (in this order…)
1. Notre Dame
2. Marquette
3. Georgia Tech
4. Clemson
5. Missouri

Who knows if Georgia Tech is going to lay an egg this season, but from this vantage point – its still a quality win. It’s too bad we couldn’t follow that win with a Paradise Jam Championship win against Baylor, but the boys played really well and the young guns are a talented bunch. We’ve got a real tough schedule, but I’m excited about what the future holds.




One response

20 11 2007
John Bishop

Ryan, Thanks for keeping me up to date with what’s going on in the sports world. Where would I be without your blog?

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