Friday Free-For-All*

9 11 2007

The *asterisk in the title is because it’s really Tuesday when I’m finishing this – but I cheated and posted a placeholder for it on Friday. Way to go Hollingsworth. What a scum bucket.

So I’ve been getting a lot blog love from some other Elevation blogger-cizers, so I just wanted to go ahead give John and Waderade (not to be confused with Wadar) some propers… You guys do a great job and your passion and vision are what I desire for myself. Ok, enough with the mushy-gushy, on to some weekly awards…

Best (New Look) Blogs I’ve Seen and Seen Before:

Brains on Fire – This is an identity company based out of Greenville, SC. I have some friends who work there right now (Joe and Matt) and if I didn’t love my job now, you can bet your dead mother I’d be trying to get a job here. Their blog is updated almost daily with all sort of great insight into the current state and trends of marketing – good stuff, good people. And a fresh look for their blog. Caleb told me their using some new transparent PNGs too – I’m not sure I know entirely what that is, but either way – the new blog looks sharp and backs up all those smart words they type.

Instant Karma – This is my friend Fin’s new blog – which simply stated is – “one site devoted specifically and exclusively to the miracle that is the human being and the hopes, triumphs, and little beauties in all of us. Share your stories. Email your pictures. Upload your videos. It’s time to change the world.” Check it out. And e-mail her and tell her to update it. The world needs more of this. And a lot less of this.

Newest Rap Sensation Sweeping The Nation (Just Not This One…):

Say hello to the Black Bond. This is a 52 year old British Army Vet turned hip hop star… at least in the UK and the Elevation Church offices. He’ll get his 15 minutes soon though – and the “Because When I Drop” dance move will be bigger than the Soulja Boy. Just you wait. He also helped me take home the victory in the 1st Annual Elevation Church Costume Contest. And for this, I thank you Black Bond. Which is a nice transition too…

A Short List of Halloween Costume Worn By Ryan Hollingsworth:
(those marked with * are all after graduating high school)
– scarecrow
– 50’s guy
– football player
– baseball player
– convict
– immigrant worker*
– retiree with a prostate infection*
– Prize Patrol member*
– one half of the Russian gymnastic team, Red Fever*
– 70’s cop a la Beastie Boys’ Sabotage*

And now its time to add two more to the list: (the prize-winning) The Black Bond and some expendable member of Guns N Roses – probably Izzy Stradlin, maybe the love child of Axl and Slash, who knows – to be honest it was a last minute deal because I needed something to dress up as for Young Life.

Most Beautiful Breakfast Food:
Photographer Jon Huck somehow turned toast and coffee into to some hot photo art. Check it out. This alone makes me want to eat breakfast more often, rather than for the many health benefits.

Best 80’s Song Turned Acoustic Ballad By A Not So Good Band:

So there is this pretty terrible band out there called The Exies. And I’m not trying to be a jerk – listen to them, you probably won’t like the either. But while I was youtubin’ one day, I came across this acoustic cover they did of one of my favorite 80’s songs – the Talking Heads’ classic “Once In a Lifetime.” While its pretty cheezball at the beginning – a black & white shot of the lead singer, in obligatory rocker shades rambling waaaay too about how this song inspired them on their new record – the cover is actually pretty fantastic. Especially considering this is a band who toured with Motley Crue and is a regular feature on sports video game soundtracks. Gotta love bands whose crowning achievement is singing someone else’s 80’s song (see Alien Ant Farm’s “Smooth Criminal” and The Atari’s “Boys of Summer”)…




One response

26 11 2007

Aww shucks. I do need to bring that thing back. It was getting pretty fresh for a while. As long as I get posts (shouldn’t be hard around the holidays) then I’ll keep it going. That means stories from you too mister. Consider our friendship resurrected.

P.S. I love the hills too. Long live scripted reality.

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