Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

5 11 2007

if by Cubs, you mean me. That’s right – I won something. Sort of. Indirectly. Cooperatively. Whatever. However you want to quantify it. Recently, I’ve been a part of some award winning projects and its been pretty humbling. Primarily because I’ll be the first to tell you that there are a lot of people who do what I do a lot better than I do it – whether its graphic design, web design, or just life in general. I know there is a fine between being humble and fishing for compliments – and I know that anything I do well comes from God’s grace, because by myself – I can’t do jack. So a lot of my prayers recently have centered on the privilege it is to be a part of God’s work, wherever that may be – the privilege to be on a church staff like Elevation, the privilege to be a Young Life leader, the privilege to have a great seat to watch God work. That’s enough for me. “That’s all I have a right to be proud about,” I thought.

But I’m also trying to learn that your gifts and talents are God-given, and trying to pass that off as nothing is like telling God “Thanks, but no thanks.” God has blessed you to be bless others and glorify Him. Don’t shirk it – embrace it. Sure there are people who do what you do better than you – there always will be. But what God has given you is uniquely yours – and it’s up to you to find a way balance the humility with a supernatural pride that your gifts reflect God to a world who has nothing else to measure Him by.

So, with all that said, back in October, Spencer the Video/Motion Whiz Kid I work with and myself won at a Film Festival at the Innovate Conference with the Series Trailer for Confessions of a Pastor he made using my graphics… so I guess we won it together. Or maybe I’m like the proud parent. Either way, here it is:

you can watch it here. Spencer’s also done some other awesome stuff. The kid’s only 18. He’s quickly become the Mozart of Motion Graphics.

Following that nice little hypothetical trophy (we were supposed to be there in person, but we didn’t make the trip and I think the award has been lost in the mail… or something like that), a website that Caleb, the flippin’ Web Genius at Elevation, developed and I designed, was named “Site of the Day” by a popular International Web Gallery called The Daily Slurp. It’s kind of ironic, since this was the same web gallery I told Caleb to check out for inspiration when he began working at Elevation… and now we’re on it. He don’t need no stinkin’ inspiration. He also developed the sweet Elevation home page and is front-runner for Employee Rookie of the Year – since this is his first job.

So yeah, there’s a little horn tooting for you. Take it or leave it, but CS4, that freakin’ creative department at Elevation is pretty dang good. Good job boys.




2 responses

7 11 2007
Tim Briggs

Add onto all those accolades the fact that you are currently 2nd in fantasy football and you’ve had a pretty good month (minus the whole South Carolina football stuff…). Maybe you should think about going to Vegas…

8 11 2007
John Bishop

Well played Ryan! Do I share in the trophy since the CS4 sign was hanging on my door this afternoon — I’m just saying!

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