It’s official…

3 11 2007

Time to let off some steam, or I might just slip into a sports-related depression.  Being a USC Gamecock fan the past three weeks is the most deflating thing on planet earth. Prior to October 20, the Gamecocks were 6-1, ranked 6th in the nation, and on pace to have one of their best seasons in years. Fast forward to 15 minutes ago. I just watched Darren McFadden and Arkansas hang 540 rushing yards on my beloved Gamecocks. That one stings a little bit. Especially since my favorite underdog Blake Mitchell passed for a career high 346 yards, we finally found a solid second receiver in Dion LeCorn (109 yards) and Cory Boyd once again played his butt off, rushing for nearly 100 yards… and the result was a 48-36 loss, making it the third straight, and the official end of the Gamecocks’ SEC Championship run. Now we’re just hoping for the Peach Bowl – emphasis on hoping. Florida’s next week. Those overrated hacks from Clemson after the bye week. Oh boy oh boy. Don’t get me wrong – I’m no fairweather fan – they would have given up after that Vanderbilt disaster. No, I’m here for the long haul, however long that might end up being. Sigh.




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