Friday Free-For-(F)All

3 11 2007

Don’t act like you didn’t enjoy that play on words. Well its November. I’m pretty sure that’s the month that sneaks up on me the most. Some sort of ninja month – one day its 80 degrees, then suddenly your two weeks from Thanksgiving. Hope you enjoyed your South Carolina fall. Now, on to the (practically) weekly awards.

Most Seasonally Specific Daily Blog of Creative, Artistic OCD:
Wow… that was a mouthful. And maybe too specific… but who’s counting. In honor of Halloween this past week, check out Skull A Day – a daily blog of creative mixed-media skulls found or made throughout the world. Sure, tell yourself you’ll just spend five minutes checking it out. Let me know two hours later how that worked out for you. Here’s just a few of my recent favorites…

Event I’d Love to Participate In If I Had the Necessary Facial Hair:

Welcome to Whiskerino 2007 – a beard growing contest the envy facial follicles everywhere. November 1 through February 29. If only my moustache would allow it. If you’ve know me for any length of time, I do whatever I can to wear a fake moustache as much as possible (see below), but for the life of me, I can’t grow anything legit. I experimented last week, just to see the current state of my facial hair and the results were less than desirable. Somewhere between a preteen beard and new hobo. One day though – mark my words – I will Whiskerino with the best of them. One day.

Hottest Inter-Office Contest:

Two weeks ago, the men of the Elevation Church Staff competed in the first annual Chicken Bowl Challenge. Chunks, the Executive Pastor at Elevation, wrote a play by play of the whole event. You can read it here. Our Leadership Development Pastor, Larry Brey took home the gold by finishing his bowl in a disgusting 1 minute 19 seconds. I finished 4th at just over 3 minutes. I have a pretty strong feeling that this is going to be the next contest of manhood – move over Texas Hold’em, I’ve got a Chicken Bowl to eat.

Top Five Bands that Return to My Heavy Rotation This Time of Year:

1. Sigur Ros
2. Appleseed Cast
3. Ray Lamontagne
4. Elliott
5. Rocky Votolato

I’m qualifying “this time of year” as mid-fall, pre-winter, cool morning, clear skies, early dusk. You get the idea. Now follow suit. You won’t be sorry. Here’s some hot jams to get you started:
Sigur Ros – “Staralfur”, “Hoppipolla”, “Vaka”
Appleseed Cast – “Hanging Marionette”, “Convict”, “Steps and Numbers”
Ray LaMontagne – “Jolene”, “Hannah”, “Empty”
Elliott – “Song In the Air”, “Carry On”, “Calm Americans”
Rocky Votolato – “White Daisy Passing”, “Portland Is Leaving”, “Silver Trees”

and now, for the main event. This one’s a big one…

Best Commercial I’ve Ever Seen:
Whoa whoa whoa, Hollingsworth those are some mighty big words your throwing out there. I mean, that’s a lot of commercials – and you’re picking the best one you’ve ever seen? Isn’t that like picking a favorite song or child or something? Perhaps. But until I see something better, this commercial that came out in 2005 from Sony Europe is what every great commercial wants to have – a connection with the audience on a level deeper than the product they are selling; a process that I think develops brand loyalty and brand recall faster and longer than traditional advertising. And its not the only one of its kind – Bravia (and their equally friggin amazing website) has released 3 other commercials (here, here & here) that appeal to the same senses and emotions as the first one, but none yet have achieved the same success visually or emotionally as the Bouncy Balls. It doesn’t hurt that Jose Gonzalez’s cover of The Knife’s “Heartbeats” is the song of choice… a viable candidate for my Top 50 Songs of All Time List.

Note: The YouTube quality isn’t the best, so make sure you watch the hi-def one on their site.




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30 01 2009
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