Friday Free-For-All… on a Monday

10 09 2007

shut up, its my hot blog, I do what I want. I’ve had this whole list of stuff I wanted to post two weeks ago (which we can chalk up to Labor Day for the reason it didn’t get posted) and I wanted to write something Friday but I was a little busy – me and Josh and Joe went to see The Everybodyfields at The Visualite and then to McHale’s for the “Jeff 1, Cancer 0” Celebration Party featuring Dr. Gonzo and the Karaoke All-Stars with special guest, one Josh Forte on egg shaker and back-up vocals, followed by some late night (and possibly one of our last) lake trips out by the dam. I mean, seriously – with an evening like that, who has time to blog? So I’m finally getting to it now. Sue me. Pass me the freaking envelopes…

Best Use of Math Since the Batting Average:

this website, that tells you how to fix your jumbled up Rubix Cube. Spencer, the video whiz kid who does all this, bought one and one day after work, I used this website to fix it. I’ve never felt so accomplished without doing any actual problem solving in my life. It was fantastic. I don’t know how it works – and I really don’t care either. But its cool as crap.

Only TV Show That Had a Better Summer Vacation Than Most People In Real Life:

I love this freakin show. For so many reasons. I also love creative marketing techniques. Two birds with one stone. Bravo.

Coolest Useless Achievement Set to Hot Techno:

I don’t want to know how long this took to perfect. That could be one of the reasons why I have a hot girlfriend.
ps. wait for it past 50 seconds. You won’t be sorry.

Top Three Current Jams:
Go listen to these songs now. You’ll thank me later.

1. Chemicals Collide – Cloud Cult
2. Big Casino – Jimmy Eat World
3. Naive – The Kooks

footnotes: Cloud Cult is some eco-friendly ear candy – click here to watch this special on their unique take on the music industry. The new Jimmy Eat World is going to rock my face off. Its hard to find more feel good rock n’ roll from my generation. Naive is on the most recent mix I got from Elizabeth. I’m going to write a review of it later week. Probably.

Why This Past Weekend Was More Awesome Than Most:

You’ve already heard about my Friday. Had the rest of the weekend sucked, it still would have been a great weekend based on the merit of Friday alone – so it doesn’t hurt that Saturday was so amazing. I had Defensive Driving Class, as a final result of my directionally challenged law breaking actions from Odie’s bachelor party, which was pretty much 4 hours of Blood on the Highway stories with a hilarious teacher (one that you laugh with and at… to yourself… quietly). I was easily the oldest person in there by a few years. And I got a certificate. I mean come on – I told Kristi Horne that if they offered an optional pizza party, I’d do it again for my birthday with 10 of my closest friends. Then after that I got to experience one of the greatest Gamecock wins of the Spurrier era – a 16-12 victory over those Georgia Bulldogs. Trying to go to sleep that night was like being a 6 year old at Christmas.




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