Friday Free-For-All

3 08 2007

welcome to August. wow, that was quick. last week there was no Free For All, which I’ll chalk up to the fact that I was mourning the near-death of Dixie (update: she’s still in the front yard – we’re taking her to the shop to go under the knife Tuesday…). At any rate, heres some awards…

Best Live Show I’ve Seen This Summer:
Well, this may actually not seem like a huge deal, because I don’t think I’ve seen a whole lot of music this summer – however I might go Best Live Show I’ve Seen at Verizon Amphitheatre… In fact yes I will… the new category is –

Best Live Show I’ve Seen at Verizon Amphitheatre:
Ashley and I went to see my twin John Mayer the other night and it was fantastic – I don’t know if I look like the guy as much as everyone seems to think, but I’ve thrown in the towel on trying to be cool and not like John Mayer – the man can play guitar. Contiuum is one the best albums I’ve heard in a while and it doesn’t get much better than a summer night, on the lawn, with your lady, listening to some quality jams. It just doesn’t.

Top 3 Cheezy Songs That I Blame the Summer for Me Enjoying:
1. Paramore – Misery Business
2. Halifax – Straight Up (as in yes, the Paula Abdul song)
3. those two on repeat

Seriously, every music snob bone in my body doesn’t want to tap my feet (or look up the chords to play along with in my room…ahem…) but I can’t help it. Maybe its the fact that Lizzy borrowed my birthday CD’s before I got to rip them to iTunes or maybe its because my good ol’ iPod is on the fritz again, or maybe its just that these two songs are too friggin’ poppy and melodic. But the summer is a good time to indulge in the lighter side of life – which is I why I drive with the windows down, stay up later than I should, use the mess out of the grill, watch some box office cheese and listen to some pop-rock typically reserved for my 15 year old sister. I’ll get serious in the winter. Then again, maybe I’m just trying to explain it away… come, join me in my indulgence:

Paramore – Misery Business

Halifax – Straight Up
(live…the quality sucks, just go download it. Holy crap I hate myself for liking this…)

Top 5 Things That Make the Next 5 Days Awesome:
– we have a softball double-header on Saturday
– my dad is coming to hang out Saturday – and yes, he’s much cooler than your dad
Ru-Sans for lunch with my dad and my hot lady
– we start a new series at church on Sunday – Entourage
– Brokeback Josh comes home on Tuesday from his surgery sabbatical (i can’t really spell sabbatical either… who knew it had two b’s?)

Best New Website:
Jeremy Cowart. hands down. The man can prendre some photos. He’s got some beautiful stuff on his site – which just relaunched this week. Check it out. And feel motivated to do better or depressed that you’re not near that good. Go ahead – its ok to do both. I do.

My Prediction For You Next Favorite CD:

BaumerWere It Not For You

This thing is legit. It blows the old CD out of the water – right now, there are only four track available (listen here) but I’ve heard most of this and its going to wreck you. I’ll probably do a full review of it later, but for now – just let the smart, savory indie pop goodness hit your lips, roll down your throat and leave you wanting more.




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8 03 2008
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