Dixie Drank Like a River

28 07 2007

so you know its never a good monday morning when you walk out on the porch to enjoy your cereal before leaving for work, and this crosses your vision:

yep. that’s Dixie. my real first investment – a 1983 ski boat who doesn’t wear her age well. Apparently a muskrat (yeah, look that jerkface up on Wikipedia) – chewed around the rubber lining that is between the inboard and outboard parts of the motor. my ex-roommate Johnny Cakes and my neighbor Joe – easily the coolest and nicest Yankee I’ve ever met – spent the better half of the afternoon rescuing her from Davey Jones’ Locker. She’s got a long road ahead of her, but she will ride again. On a related note, if anyone knows a good place to get ol’ Dixie patched up, just let me know. We’re also taking donations for repairs and/or sympathies. and muskrat pelts.




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