Friday Free-For-All, pt. 2: Playing Catch-Up

20 07 2007

Here’s two weeks worth of Dundies, since I’ve been a lazy jerk. (PS. This is my second time writing this, because WordPress deleted the first – that’s what I get for being lazy. What a jerk.)

CDs That Won’t Leave My Stereo:

The Avett Brothers – Emotionalism
Feist – The Reminder
The Stills – Without Feathers

The Avett CD is actually Josh’s, but he’s up Raleigh recovering from some brutal back surgery (he does however get to use a cane for a while, which is pretty p.i.m.p.) so I’m borrowing his CD. And he’ll be lucky if he ever gets it back. The Avett Brothers once again deliver with their most recent full-length. Their music can only be described as the three-way love child of bluegrass, punk & alt country – but she’s got bluegrass’ eyes and ears. Raw and melodic, this is pretty much the only country music made today that I can believe. It doesn’t hurt that Bob the bassist went to Winthrop either. Cue Rock Hill shout out here. Plus, they played on Conan. Check it out:

PS. I just re-read the part about the three way love child. That’s gross.

The Feist and The Stills CDs were birthday gifts – and yep, they were great gifts. Both of these come out of Canada (I know… thats what I said), but it’s some of the most refreshing takes on indie-pop I’ve heard in a while. The Stills fall more in the vein of hung-over, drum-heavy piano rock – it sounds like the CD recorded on the Sunday afternoon after Logic Will Break Your Heart. It’s been picking up some rough reviews, but tracks like ‘She’s Walking Out’ and ‘Helicopters’ could play on repeat for the next 6 weeks and I wouldn’t care. And with Feist, she errs more on the side of quirky folk pop, somewhere between a more moody Norah Jones and a more upbeat Cat Power. “I Feel It All” would make your dead grandpa smile and dance. Feist also picked up an award this week with…

Best Non-Homeless Musical Performance on a Bus:

Feist played on the freakin’ moving bus – cool points were showering down from the heavens in buckets.

New Years Resolution Update:
Katie got me an iPod Nano to run with. I named it Prefontaine. I’m going to run two 5K’s before I run a half-marathon in October – The Govenor’s Cup. If I die during or after the race, all my stuff goes in a big pile and can be fought over by the following people: Josh Forte (careful… he’ll beat you with a cane), Ashley Park, my sisters, Elizabeth King, Megan Smith & Johnny Cakes. Anything not claimed can be set on fire and used to warm yourself in the winter months.

70’s Jam I Heard Covered By a Bar Band and Then Went Home and Downloaded:
“Couldn’t Get it Right” – Climax Blues Band. You know this song. Or at least the chorus. And you’ll swear you know who sang it. But you don’t. Until now.

Top 3 Things I’ve Looked Up on Wikipedia Recently:
1. Vanna White’s birthday
2. the meaning behind the Third Eye Blind song “Slow Motion”
3. the history of World Championship Wrestling

That’s all for this week. Hopefully I’ll pull myself together next week.




2 responses

24 07 2007

great post Hollingsworth. I enjoyed the vids. Naming the iPod PreFontaine…outstanding. If you don’t mind I’m gonna add you to my blogroll. Check mine when you get a sec. see ya at the game.


26 07 2007

Sweet – battle to the death for your old stuff!! THIS is what a blog should be. And the next one. Happy 24th man. I’m so glad you are alive.

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