Friday Free-For-All, pt. 1:Non-Jewish Hanukkah in July

20 07 2007

I missed my Friday Free-For-All last week. But last week was my birthday. I do what I want. And yes, I do mean all of last week was my birthday. I tend to subscribe to the school of thought that says “Your birthday only comes around once a year, so make a big friggin deal out of it.” Confucius said that. And this fella does what the Bible tells him, so I celebrated my birthday all week. Kind of like a non-Jewish Hanukkah in July. Here are just a few of the highlights:
– Clair came up for a few days. I love hanging out with her because I can still be a kid with her – even though technically neither one of us are kids anymore. Ratatouille, Transformers, and Putt-putt. Great times.

– Wednesday night me, Ashley and my neighbor Joe went dumpster diving at the Winthrop Coliseum (side note: Coliseum is a word that I can’t spell without help). We came home with several large chunks of basketball court – they are replacing the floor and had thrown the rest outside in the trash. Thats going to be one awesome kitchen table. Everytime I eat, I’ll just think of this.

Thanks for the memories.

– Thursday was my actual birthday. Plenty of people remembered. Its a great feeling when your e-mail box looks like this on your birthday:

And here’s a big shout out to those I haven’t thanked yet. Seven of you will read and receive this (side note: I can’t spell receive yet either. I can’t believe I worked for a newspaper…): (not in alphabetical order) Morgan Elvington, Christie Dillard, Erica Anne, Gregory Adamson, Jonathan Settle, Mary Dolan, Jeremy Fiske, Elizabeth King (you owe me a freakin’ cd), Heather Evans, Leigh Ann Condor, Sara Bryant, Julie Purpura, Laura Smith, Claire Pujol, Britt Tolleson, Bradon Neil, Maeghan Pawley, Brittany Smathers, Erin Cauthen, Courtney Heth, Stephen Jones, Johnny Cakes, Veronica Lopez, Macie Pardue, Mandy Weber, Lauren Wilbert, Margaret Lowery, Charity Yost, Meghan Campbell, Angela Johnson, Michael James, Luke Wackerhagen, Lizzy Firtko, Stephanie Hawkins, Jennica Krebs, Lauren Janzen, Megan Parker, Zac Caldwell, Angela Austin, Amanda Oldham, Lindsey Porter, Julianne Jordan, Ryan Cox, John Prose, Nikhole Brown, Lauren Kennington, Rob Tice, Melissa Coy, Laura Wolfe, Robbie Strickland, Jenna Drenten, Amanda McBride, Jess Hall, Stefanie Johns, Rachel Voyles, Sara Holler Anna Cox, CAROL! Kawa, Katelyn Barringer, Caroline Wylie, Jessica Wilks, Laura Radney, Saundra Coller, Courtney McGinness, Billy Cronin, Katie Rutland, Matt Geib, Beka Horton, Nath Coudert, Becky Hunt, April Roach, Jeremy Harriot, Chris Gaynor, Carly Mendez, Lisa Watkins, Taylor Wilks, Mary Sims Pressly, Natalie Temple, Jessica Bean, Amanda Bacik, Janie Davis, Russ Hightower, Vance Benson, Mikey Antinoro and Will Matthews.

Definitely made my day to hear from all these people. Thanks everybody! Its amazing what six seconds and a notice from Facebook will do to make your birthday that much better.

So yeah, Ashley took me out to dinner – Cheesecake Factory. Steak Diane. Delish. And she got me the best 33-gifts-in-one-bag I’ve ever had. Followed by my surprise cake party she planned at the lake house – old roommates, friends, homemade confetti cake and Zac Mallard humor. Freakin sweet. That Ashley Park – she’s a good catch.

– Saturday we went home to see my famila (for my Spanish speaking brothers). I have the greatest family on the planet. Hands down. My dad can beat up your dad and my mom loves me more than yours does. Just learn to deal with it. My sister are also prettier, smarter, cooler and just overall better than any siblings you might have. Too bad for you. So I opened some great presents and ate bacon cheeseburgers and birthday salad and confetti cake. Yep. my second one. That’s when you know its a good birthday.

So those of you still reading are probably like, “what a pretentious jerk. why do i want to read about his birthday?” Well this is my blog and I want to remember my birthday. And all the people who made it one for the books. If this is how it starts, 24 is going to be a great year.

* – I have pictures of a lot of this stuff. I’m going to put them on here – whenever I figure out how to get them of my iPod. Stupid technology.




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