Friday Free-For-All

6 07 2007

I Wish I Was There For This:
these French guys do some awesome stuff filming live music. Here, they filmed The Shins on the streets of Paris. Its the first time ever that I wished I was in Paris again.

They also have done some cool stuff for the Arcade Fire and Grizzly Bear. Check it out. Or don’t – it’s your funeral.

Best Unreleased Slash Future Summer Jam of 07:
Click here to hear the new Kanye, sampling from Daft Punk. This song isn’t out yet, but somehow the white kid stumbled upon the new hip hop jam.

Addition to the New Years Resolution ‘Seven New Place in ’07’:
So far, I’m a little behind – I’ve only been to two new places thus far (San Fran and Connecticut) – but that is all about to change this weekend. This weekend will be the first time I’ve ever been on stage for a wedding. My roommate Odie is getting married, and finally I’m a groomsman. Its about freakin’ time. Good luck kids. Go make some honeymoon babies in Mexico.




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