Happy Birthday America – 2007 edition

5 07 2007

America, you don’t look bad for 231. I would have guessed you were only 215-220 by the looks of you.

Fourth of July was exactly how its supposed to be – a freakin’ slice of America… great friends, sunshine, water sports, sunburn, red meat, fireworks and classic rock. My house is a wreck, but in a good kind of way. Kind of like the way you feel tired when you just get done running. Which is actually how tired and sore I feel right now. I think I’m going to petition to those in authority that if 4th of July falls in the middle of the week again, that we should also have the 5th of July off to recover. It feels like my week is starting all over again today. Yesterday also reminded me that one of the best decisions I’ve made in the past decade was to move to the lake. I don’t care how far away from work it may be (which is 37.9 miles for those keeping score) – i love it.

On a semi-related side note, a friend of mine got a splinter wedged into the bottom of her foot (don’t slide your feet on an old dock people) and I was trying to get it unwedged. I was able to get most of it out with some tweezer and a knife, but I had to get my sister, the future nurse, to pull the rest out. While I was hacking away at this girls foot with a knife, she told me that the reason I sucked at getting splinters out is because I’m a graphic designer – I only care about what the final product looks like, not about what it takes to get there. Kind of random I know, but I thought that was a pretty accurate deduction about me, my job and my personality taken from an interesting perspective. whatever.

Oh and finally, my birthday season has officially started – Erica got me this sweet tshirt from digital kitchen. I have the coolest friends.




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7 05 2008
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[…] attention to the details.  This is the main reason I’m a terrible cook.  And a terrible splinter-taker-outer.  But what champions of the “big picture” like me tend to forget is that its the details that […]

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