Friday Free-For-All

29 06 2007

Just some random stuff. Kind of like Senior Superlatives or trophies at your Little League banquet.

Hottest New CD of the Week:

Ryan Adams – Easy Tiger

Here’s the review I wrote of it to Josh.
“I think its pretty good – nothing ground breaking or too out of the ordinary. Most of the songs could have been on Cold Roses or Jacksonville and some of them are better than songs on those albums. My favorites so far are Pearls on A String, Two, Tears of Gold, Taught Myself How to Grow, & Two Hearts. And although it stuck out like a sore thumb, I though Halloweenhead was pretty catchy… A little to Rock N’ Roll than where it seems the rest of the album is, but good. I like how he mixed the chill falsetto voice from Cold Roses with some of the more full-band type elements of Jacksonville like the slide guitar and the multiple vocals. I also think there is a nice blend of the full band stuff and the more intimate acoustic stuff – overall I think its the more accessible ‘ClifNotes’ version of his three albums from ’06.”

Stream it here for your listening pleasure.

Hot Radio Jams I Could Be Embarassed That Other People Know I Enjoy:
Sean Kingston – Beautiful Girls
Finger Eleven – Paralyzer

These two songs also won in the sub-category Most Likely To Use A Tragedy in a Pop Hit for these lyrics:
Sean Kingston – Beautiful Girls
you’re way too beautiful girl
That’s why it’ll never work
You’ll have me suicidal, suicidal
When you say it’s over

Finger Eleven – Paralyzer
Well I’m not paralyzed
But, I seem to be struck by you
I wanna make you move
Because you’re standing still

My Current Top 5 Favorite Things to Do:
– hang out with Ashley
– play softball
– eat breakfast on my porch
– drive my boat
– lunch with Charles

Place Where I’ve Been Eating Lunch Way Too Much:
Firehouse Subs. They just opened one over near the office. Tasty. I didn’t think I had been there that much, but now they’re starting to recognize me.

A Short and Incomplete List of New Movies I Want to See:
I Now Pronounce You Chuck Met Larry
American Gangster
Across The Universe

Graphic Designer Who Is Better Than Me of the Week:
Matthew Wahl




2 responses

29 06 2007

Can we have a conversation about how ridiculously hyped I have been about Across the Universe?? Here is the conversation:

Meg: “Hey Ryan…have you heard about across the universe??”

Ryan: “Uh huh. Can’t wait to see it.”

Meg: “What you meant to say was can’t wait to see it with YOU meg!!”

24 01 2008
Thumb Blast: The End of An Era - A Brief History « ryan sworth | a lull in traffic

[…] this year, I mentioned that I had been spending too much time at Firehouse Subs. Well, even with all those lunches, I never really much notice to the firing squad of hot sauces […]

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