An Open Letter

27 06 2007

So I told Megan Smith that I would write her a letter on my blog (since I’m pretty sure she is the only one who currently reads this). i told her this probably, we’ll say, 4 months ago. it could be longer. i’m not really good with time like that. or really good at blogging for that matter too. oh well. maybe one day i’ll turn this into a discipline that I can do on a regular basis (side note: how many blogs are started that begin so well and after three weeks, they become some sort of ghost town like this blog – old news, musty basement smells, etc.). At any rate, here is a letter to Megan:

Hey Megan,

I’m curious as to how long it will take you to see that I’ve written you finally on my blog – I started it a couple of times, but always got distracted and told myself I’d finish it later. I think you’re in the Charlotte area today planning the next garden force takeover – coming soon to an abandoned Harris Teeter near you. Are you going to be in town this weekend? my friend and yours, Matthew Geib is allegedly coming up, but who knows if that will really happen – considering his track record. He’s a good kid though – and so are you. But for completely different reasons. He’s good in the best-friends-since-you’ve-been-three sense. You’re good in the i’ll-keep-in-touch-with-you-no-matter-how-much-you-suck-at-return-correspondence kind of way. People should have friends like you and they’d be better for it. Are you still planning on coming up for the 4th of July melee we’re planning? Here’s hoping. Hows the animal kingdom? Give Paper Cut my regards – tell him I hope his eye fungus is improving (and even if its not – tell him it is… those hamsters have a fragile psyche). Anyways, here’s the your letter – nothing too great, but then again, coming from this blog – it sorta fits.


Coming Soon…
– those CD reviews I told Elizabeth King I would do




One response

29 06 2007

Dear Ryan,

You made this girl’s day. Thanks for being one of the best friends I’ve had in a while. (Even though you DO suck at correspondance – I will continue to check up on you.) I have a feeling you are going to be big and famous one day. And I can publish this for a million dollars. Okay maybe not a million – probably more like a vintage ac/dc shirt and a pack of red bull, but either way is okay with me! Paper cut sends his love and is still wondering when his uncle Ryan is going to take him to the big city of Charlotte for a night of fraternity style merrymaking. Pick a date and text him.

You’ll be seeing me a lot this summer as I plan my takeover – one harris teeter at a time. Love you kid.

Cheers (I’ve waited YEARS to use that salutation),

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