you’re not a clock, you’re a time bomb baby

14 03 2007

so i made some new years resolutions. back when you’re supposed to make new years resolutions – in january. they’re going pretty well so far – a midst a whirlwind of life change i’ve gone through in the past few months – i’ll get to that in a day or so. but yeah, i figure that i should get my resolutions out on the table (they’ve been on myspace for a while, but hey, who cares.) but since it’s march, i’ve already started working on some of these. so without further a do:

7 new years resolutions for 2007
– take at least 1 new class
– run at least 3 5K races
– read at least 5 4 books: “in a pit with a lion on a snowy day”
– visit at least 7 6 5 new places: CT, San Francisco, CA
– make my bed everyday
– be more reliable
– chase lions

and to be perfectly honest, number 5 and 6 have been a little “ehh” (imagine me moving my hand a little side to side and shrugging a bit). but hey, there is still plenty of time to nail those down – and i’ve still got  292 days to get this thing right. in the words of chairmen of the board “just give me a little more time.”




2 responses

2 04 2007

ryan, if you want to chase lions you should come to africa with me in october or august…you really could do that on safari. its a thought but seriously come…

9 01 2008
New Year’s Resolutions ‘07: A Report Card « ryan sworth | a lull in traffic

[…] gonna want to hear what I’m about to say.” That is kind of how I feel about my new year’s resolutions from last year. So while few (if any…) lived up to my pie-in-the-sky sugar plum dreams of success I had for […]

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