Appendix B: Theme Parties

6 07 2006

This is another Appendix in the catch-up story. So we have parties every now and then (usually every other month or three) and we don’t like to throw your average party. we (as in me and the roommates) like to have theme parties – no, no, we know we’re awesome, you don’t have to tell us. usually though, our themes end being “too complicated” and people don’t dress up very much – though, i’d like to point out, those who do, do it well. so we’re trying to simplfy things and go from there. here’s a brief rundown of some of the parties we’ve had…
Sk80’s – my birthday party last year – 80’s themed at the skating rink.
White Trash Office Christmas PartyWKRP in Cinncinati meets Office Space. amazing.
Spring Bling – think Miami in the 70’s without all the coke. my friend James never got the
explanation and just dressed up in shiny gold sheets of fabric.
End of the Year/Graduation Luau Bash 2005 – no real theme, just Christmas lights, bonfires, 500 people and 7 cop cars. absolutely legendary. ask anyone who knows anything and this was one of the parties of the year.

That brings me to our next party…

this Saturday night – Pirates vs. Ninjas: Birthday Battle Royale. My friend JT, who’s birthday is July 15 and who secretly wants to be a ninja, and I, who secretly wants to be a pirate, are having a joint birthday party. My friend Lauren Green, who also shares a birthday with me on July 12, and my friend Erica, who has a birthday on July 17, will also be there. so if you’re coming you should probably bring a pile of presents for us. The party starts at 10ish and will run into the early morn. i live at 204 Dewars Dr. (take Cherry Rd to Heckle Blvd, turn left, take the 2nd right and we’re the 2nd house on the right). be there, choose a side – ninja or pirate – and dress accordingly. oh and if you think theme parties are lame, this invitation is not for you.




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