Happy Birthday America

4 07 2006

so i figured what better way to celebrate the birthday of our country than start a new blog. actually, there are probably a lot of better ways to celebrate (eating grilled meat, baking in the sun, setting stuff on fire…) all of which i will do later today, but this is a nice start i think. so i never used my xanga site (can you say xanga on this thing and not get censored? we shall see) so this is supposed to motivate me to post my life happenings for those who care. i’m not sure how many people that is, but for the sake of my own self worth we’ll say a lot… more than 5. maybe. so to catch up things since my last post on the old blog… thats going to take some time. instead, i’m going to separate it up into a few areas. like an ant’s body. i’m not sure what those are called, but you get the idea.

so here we go…
New Years Resolutions
– besides the usual “eat better” and “exercise more” resolutions that all but 6 American’s made this new years (pause… anyone know if new years resolutions are American or international? look that up and get back to me…) I made three measurable resolutions… here they are:

1. Travel to 8 New or Unique Places (i use the word unique because while I may have been to a certain place before, I may not have experienced it in this certain way)

2. Read 20 Books

3. Make my bed everyday

At the half point in the year, its nice to take a look back and evaluate the progress one makes on goals and see where any adjustments, improvements or back pat’s are in order. I have travelled to 5 places so far, so I think I’m actually ahead of schedule on this one.
New York (i went here with Layne a few years ago, but this was my first time staying in the city as an adult. my roommate Josh and I went to visit our friend Jeremy. it was awesome)
Colorado – me and the bosses went to see our friend Leigh Ann in Colorado. i don’t
think i had previously been across the Mississippi River so this was a big one. plus i
got to go skiing in the Rockies, see Red Rocks, visit the Young Life Headquarters, etc.
Gastonia, NC – now, I know you’re saying “Gastonia? What did you run out of gas on the way to somewhere more interesting?” No. Actually, this is where i got my second and third tattoos at place called Skin Art by a bald guy named Randy. I went with my then-girlfriend, who got her first tattoo. Luckily, they weren’t of each others names, since she broke up with me not too long after that.
Greensboro, NC – another one of those “you’re just saying this place so you can
finish your new year’s resolution” kind of places. except that i went with the sole
purpose of watching my beloved Winthrop Eagles play toe-to-toe with the number 2
seed Tenn Volunteers and lose on heart-breaking prayer of a shot at the buzzer by
Chris Lofton. when i find a picture of this moment, i’ll put it up (i think i can do that…
i haven’t really explored the options of this here blog.). it was a great game
Sharp Top Cove – This was my second trip to Sharp Top (i went with Young Life
Charles a few years ago when we did program for Athens, Ga. Young Life – Polish Lion Tamers and Movie Voice Stand-ins that came to Charles in a dream. But this however was my first time at Young Life Summer Camp. I went with two of my high school guys, Miles and Vance, and we had an awesome week – maybe i’ll put pictures of that up too.

So those are the first five. I have tentative plans to go to Nashville, Chicago or Austin and maybe Key West. But none of those are finalized yet. don’t worry i’ll keep you updated (like you were really worried to begin with).

Now this second resolution is one where i’m going to have to pick up the pace. I’ve only read three books so far this year. I’ll write more about this in a separate post, but anyway you look at it, either i’m going to have to start reading Dr. Seuss, or i’m not going to finish this one. Here are the first three (all of which I highly recommend) :
Tuesdays With Morrie, by Mitch Albom
Blue Like Jazz, by Donald Miller
Rumors of Another World, by Philip Yancey

And the final one, give or take a day or two where it was done, but later in the afternoon, I have successful made my bed every morning for the past six months. I know, I know. amazing. Whatever, it makes me happy.
So thats the catch up on the New Years Resolutions of 2006. There are some other chapters of this catch up on Ryan’s life that i’m compiling, including: relationships, the heart and life in general. that was like the “now here are some scene’s from the next episode” part of this post. hopefully you’ll come back and read that someday too. if not, oh well. i hope your house burns down. well, maybe not burn down, but just some smoke damage (like the 6th floor of Richardson my freshman year. ah another story for another day…)




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4 07 2006

what about our “hit-every-restaurant-and-art-gallery” between here and California road trip plan? or copenhagen? or san pancho? or All Casino Weekend in CT? thats a lot of traveling within the next 6 months.

6 07 2006

As far as New Year Resolutions go, I made a few myself…I tried to start reading my bible every day, but I only made that as far as March, and then School got complicated so I havent really been up to par on that one. I feel bad. Another was to be more focused in school, and I have succeeded in that one. I made the one where I would make my bed everyday, and YES i did accomplish that one so far too.
I have some goals in my life, but I dont know exactly how many I am goin to accomplish. I am goin to share a few with you… here it goes
10-Become successful so that I can provide for my family
9-Watch a sub surface in the ocean while the sun sets
8-Witness a miracle
7-Travel to England, Hawaii,Australia, and a few more places around the US.
6-Read as many books that I can find that inspire me during my life
5-Be able to give my parents everything back that they have given to me
4-Be a wonderful wife and mother
3-Go rock climbing-I am scared of heights;)
2-Go scuba diving..I love the water
1-Find the man of my dreams and fall in love with him all over again every single day for the rest of my life.

so there you go.. not very meaningful, but that is me. as far as places thatyou have been, Greensboro is awesome!!! I was born there and i used to live there. 🙂 hope that this wasnt boring to you but i figured you would appreciate what someone else wants in life.

12 07 2006

You should make the sixth new place San Francisco, CA! I can totally hook you up!

17 07 2006

i have not successful* made my bed every day this year. i have, however, almost successfully* made it through my first semester of the graduate schooling

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